• Brand



    Kai Ji, the Chinese name, is derived from the homonym of KeyGEN in English. It is translated into the key gene that serves as a key symbol or target, which implies that the core technology of the company is to identify and detect important markers, indicators and drug targets of the organism. KeyGEN's logo is a transition from circular shape to cross shape, symbolizing the discovery of a circular cell to a molecular target, which means that the company's main business is to provide reagents, consumables, instruments, services and laboratory solutions to the research, analysis, inspection, diagnostics, and testing in life science research, medicine and inspection, and quarantine.

  • Mission


    Serve for science; Benefit human life

    KeyGEN BioTECH is committed to providing trustworthy instruments and services for the explorers in life science research and assisting experts to discover the mysteries of life. The company serves as an aid to conquer medical and biological problems, striving for freedom from illness, health for all, and harmony with nature. Also, KeyGEN provides shareholders with a corresponding return on investment, and it builds a platform for employees to advance in their career paths, creating a harmonious work atmosphere with high efficiency. For partners, KeyGEN creates opportunities for mutual development. KeyGEN will be full of vigor and vitality like a tree, producing oxygen for life. With you, KeyGEN will fulfill the mission of serving science and bringing benefits to life!

  • Values


    Keep Faith; Keep Moving

    To customer: value-creating, value-adding, and wholehearted To employee: career-building, caring, and efficiency-oriented Belief: hard-working, honest, and faithful

KeyGEN Spirit

  • High Responsibility

  • High Dedication

  • High Efficiency

  • High Quality

  • High Income